Nantwich town centre

Lifestyle Organic all started from being a little girl although I had no idea at the time.

My grandad who worked for AstraZeneca was always telling me about harmful ingredients in either food, toiletries or healthcare products. Although I found this rather boring as a child this led to me being interested in the ingredients in products and the food we consume.

After becoming a mother at 21 I took my interest more seriously and began to research natural and organic baby products and the harmful chemicals they contain.
It gives me great pleasure to know my Grandad would have been proud of my passion as it stemmed from his boring yet valuable lectures as a child.

My passion then turned into wanting to provide healthy life changing fresh organic produce to the community of Nantwich and a wonderful selection of cooking ingredients as well as beauty, baby & healthcare products. Not forgetting organic pet food to keep our pets healthy.

We are a family run business as husband and wife. We deal directly with all our customers and make all the deliveries personally so you are dealing with us never a third person.

We only deliver to each area once a week in order to keep our carbon emissions low.

10% of all our profits go to 2 chosen charities a year 5% going to the Nantwich Food Bank.